Friday, 20 June 2014

A funny thing happened on the way to the chemist..

In a couple of weeks I'm getting a Mirena inserted - I figure even though the likelihood of having sex is incredibly low, the last thing I need (apart from a hole in the head and say to be attacked by a shark) is another kid!

So with prescription in hand, I go to the chemist after getting over my trepidation about having an IUD inserted in my lady parts (I'm not a prude, I just find that phrase quite funny at the moment). I've shaken off the stigma of IUDs being old metal contraptions from the 1970s and am feeling all cool and yay me doing something else for myself which I don't need to discuss with anyone else and how lucky women are in the first world to easily take control of their bodies and reproductive health blah blah blah...when the chemist hands over a rectangular box containing said IUD...which is almost as long as my arm! Eek!

So I'm in the chemist holding a massive box (*snigger) and have to immediately grapple not only the thought of how much of this device is going to be inserted inside my uterus and kept there for about 5 years; I also had to struggle carrying it discreetly in a virtually transparent plastic bag, down the main street and back up to work on my lunch break!

Note re *snigger. I'm just a big lover of double entendre.

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