Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Not quite Martha Stewart, but...

I like reading pins and articles in my FB feeds about tips for organising as much as the next person *looks around*. Whether it's de-cluttering, organising, tips for managing morning madness with kids - I'm no Martha Stewart- but I love them. I've read so many, but I still click and click thinking there will be some new jewel that will make things totally fall into place and make my home resemble something out of a magazine. Or at least something I don't have to apologise for when someone new comes to visit.

But I've come to realise, that most of these articles are pure common sense. As an ex-stage manager and current PA and mum, the pickings for learning is getting a little slim. With the exception of learning about capsule wardrobes last year (if you don't know about this, check it out. It's probably really what your wardrobe is in essence once you remove the clothes you actually don't like/don't wear/or doesn't fit into anymore, anyway!). That was a lightning bolt moment!

But if I read one more article that claims to change your life with organising/de-cluttering tips such as throwing away towels that are riddled with holes, using labels or storing similar toys into the one container, I think I will scream into my pillow (that was previously folded in an attempt at this, courtesy of Martha Stewart).

I'm far from perfect, but I'm not a complete lost case. I regularly get change from the bank and keep it in my car so I never have to think about parking meter money (handy considering I am usually running late for work). I keep loose change in the house specifically for last minute excursion notes. I have a shoe hanging over the door thing in the hallway for keeping our gloves, sunglasses, random accessories for me and the three kids. I usually have a couple of meals up my sleeve in the freezer and do my banking online. I have a couple of random back up presents and cards incase I forget to buy for a party that weekend.

So seriously, can people who write these articles at least give them a rating, so I know whether to read or not? Something like:

  • Beginner level. i.e. you've just moved out of home.
  • Advanced level. i.e. you have been living in the real world for a bit and function quite well.
Or my least favourite:
  • Advertorial. I'm going to attempt to write an article which seamlessly weaves in the product I'm being paid for. (hey, I'm not begrudging people making a living from writing, but come on, these can be just as hard to read as they must be to write in a way that is interesting).
The reality is, that most of the best tips I've gotten are from having casual conversations with my friends anyway.
But if one of them starts to sell me a chux wipe mid conversation, I'm pulling out my pillow... 

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