Saturday, 8 March 2014

Survived the First Week!

I survived my first week back at work!

The first day was perfect - it was one of those days when everything worked really well in the morning - we even managed to leave the house looking like it hadn't just been raided by the Feds. I joked to my colleagues that it could only go down from here!

As I walked back into the office on Monday morning I genuinely felt glad to be back. Several people through the week commented on how well I was looking, and someone actually said I had a spring in my step!

I'm enjoying being back at work where I have a degree of autonomy and feel like I'm contributing towards something. Plus it works that I work with some really good people.

I met all the KPIs I had set myself for a relatively successful week:

  1. All leaving the house looking relatively respectable!
  2. Me getting dressed without agonising over what to wear thanks to a culled and organised wardrobe (but let's see how long that lasts!)
  3. No wondering what to make for dinner thanks to my  menu plan!
  4. Me being able to take lunch into work every day (thanks to above mentioned menu plan)
  5. No spontaneous crying or surprising emotions at work!

Yay me!

So all in all, my first week went well!

Bring on week no. 2.


  1. So happy to hear your transition went smoothly! I enjoy your blog and genuinely hope you continue to flourish in your new life. <3 from Colorado!!

  2. Thank you for still reading!
    I loved reading your comment this morning.