Thursday, 31 December 2015

Road to Nowhere

It seems so many people are wondering when they're going to be in one, if they should end one, or if they're in the right one.

And the luckiest of us are grateful we're in a great one.

I'm pretty sure that's me. I've now been seeing my man for about 18 months, and on the whole he's great. Funny, smart, gorgeous and we have a great connection. We really enjoy being together, and my kids like him too. He's seen me at some pretty low points, and that didn't freak him out. We've had some pretty frank conversations and we're still together. He's got that really attractive thing going on where he can fix stuff and build stuff (well, I find that really appealing anyway!)

The first couple of months travelled well. We both wanted to take it slow as we didn't want to have another relationship fail on us, and there were also kids involved which we were very mindful of. But he saw the kids regularly, we saw each other when we could. Things for the first six months, were travelling pretty well - not too fast and not too slow. But for the last year it feels that things have come to a standstill. We've hit the part when things are starting to feel more real (i.e. some of that shiny gloss has faded away) but we still want to be together. However things feel like they aren't progressing. Because of work and schedules, he only sees the kids briefly and occasionally, and there are times when I would really appreciate his help, but he's just not available to step up.

I guess if I had to write a report card, I would write something like "Pays attention, but could try harder. Not much improvement has been made through the year." So I've written myself an email to remind myself, and am going to re-assess it in six months. I'm hoping I can give out one of those thumbs up stamps you used to get in primary school. Or a bumble bee with Excellent Effort!

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